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Manna Entertainment, LLC brings entertainment to you.

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01 Idea

We come up with an idea we think the public will like based on our extensive knowledge of games and entertainment

02 Design

We have our best illustrators, artists, and designers on hand to create whatever desired aesthetic we are aiming for

03 Develop

Those artists, illustrators, and designers collaborate with our progammers and developers to bring those creations to life

04 Launch

We aim to launch the end product in a collaborative, indepedent fashion, free of middlemen and true to the original vision


We're an entertainment company comprised of web developers, game developers and designers responsible for creating awesome games, like Space Exodus. It's available on Google Play and created with users of all ages in mind with a story line, arcade mode, and incentive reward system. Try it out, won't you? Available largely for Android marketplaces for now, with plans to expand into iOS market in the future!

Manna Entertainment, LLC is the brainchild of Christoper Rosario, a sincere game lover with previous experience in marketing, project management, and game design. He founded the company in 2015, after he finished his Masters in Game Design with an emphasis on Project Management, as not only the perfect outlet for his passions but for others to join him in building cool products people would enjoy in a collaborative environment.


We are always connected, collaborating, and building through task-oriented team boards, Skype sessions, and group chats.


Our collective expertise in design, programming, and project management qualify us to nurture and develop your idea.


The aesthetic we craft is user-centered and unique to each project: a result of extensive research, testing, and desired emotion.


Our diligent, agile programmers build in conjunction with the design to bring a product to life with clean, testable code.


Some information about our company


Our well-versed creative team uses a plethora of programs, including Adobe Creative Suite, Maya, and Blender.


Our small, tight-knit team is in constant communication, readily able to quickly solve any issues head-on with no middlemen.


Our team puts personal attention into each project for the sake of top-notch results, and ultimately, puts in 110% until the job is done.


We strive to maintain a positive energy and attitude amidst any situation so as to fuel productivity and grow as a team.



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Approachable by any player, Space Exodus is a reward-based game with incentive to achieve higher ranking by completing challenges with a customizable storyline.
Available on Google Play with iOS App Store availability in the works.

"As an indie gaming [and entertainment] company, I never want to lose that feeling of creating solely for the people" - Christopher Rosario, Founder

Our Team

This team of designers, developers, programmers, and artists are the driving forces behind Manna Entertainment, LLC.

Christopher Rosario


Christopher Rosario is a lover of games and the gaming industry, as well as the founder of Manna Entertainment, LLC, which he created for the purpose of building things in a free environment. He has extensive experience working in teams and a background in project manangement. He lives with his wife and kids in Florida.

Carlos Franco

2D Artist

Carlos Franco is a digital artist specializing in character design and game artwork. An avid gamer since childhood, he quickly took interest in not just playing games, but creating them. Currently, he works to improve his art and bring the creations of his imagination to life on a canvas.

Eric Mazer

AI Programmer

Eric Mazer is one of the great game programmers here at Manna Entertainment, LLC (specifically, an AI programmer). He hails from the state of New Jersey and obtained his B.S. in Computer Science from Rochester Institute of Technology in New York.

Enrique Carbajal, Jr.

2D Artist

Enrique was officially trained as an Electrical Engineer in Mexico, but has been instrumental in the development of Manna Entertainment, LLC. He spent time drawing in-game ships for Space Exodus, and even helped us improve our logo for Manna Entertainment. He loves learning and creating, and is open to any 2D Game Art projects.

Adedeji Ogundipe

Game Programmer

Adedeji Ogundipe is an experienced game developer who also works at Games Laboratories Limited in a managerial role. His interests and strengths lie within the areas of game design, C#, animation, OpenGL, and gameplay programming. He has a knack for spotting bugs and is another fellow Full Sail University graduate, having obtained his Masters' in Game Design.

Michael Bacon Jr.

Music Composer

Mike Bacon Jr is a musician, producer and engineer from Northern California. After graduating from Full Sail University in 2013, Mike opened his home studio, Padded Room Productions, where he continues to record bands, produce audio for various projects and play/write his own music.

Laura Thomas

Web Developer

Laura is a southern transplant living in Los Angeles, thankful for the lack of humidity. She got a degree in graphic design and segued into web design and development not long after. She enjoys all things design/web related, cooking, and film, and is always looking to try new restaurants and cuisines.


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Maitland, FL

For direct inquiries involving collaboration or future opportunities, contact Christopher Rosario, the founder of Manna Entertainment, LLC. Other inquiries can be sent to info@mannaentertainment.net with the included contact form.